Taking advantage of saving your workspace and using multiple profiles with Batch Image Resizer


I would like mention about how profiles can be used efficiently with Batch Image Resizer . You can create unlimited profiles and save your workspace with input image file locations and your output image settings and locations . In case of Android development images needs to be created in different folders such as drawable-hdpi ,drawable-mdpi, drawable-ldpi etc.. .For example, you can create a profile for your app icon and create all your output images ,and you can also have another profile with different image lets say your custom button and by just switching two profiles , you can adjust different images without losing your previous workspace.

How does profiles work?

When you first launch your app, by default application will save any of your changes to the first profile which is automatically created.

You can edit your profile name for example likeĀ  “My-App-Icon-Profile” ,once you edit your profile name press the plus button and your profile is automatically added and saved. If there are any existing input and output images in your workspace ,they will be added in this profile .

With multiple profiles for example you can have your icon resizing ,custom buttons, screenshots or different images which you need to resize and keep the settings and your workspace separately .