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Most advanced, tailor made,customisable, auto scalable speedometer with classic analogue, designed for daily use with amazing visual graphics.

A perfect companion, whenever you need to know speed cams, speed information, direction, location, and altitude.Gps Speedometer can be used efficiently for driving, riding, hiking, cycling and sailing.
With Speed Cam Sense feature, you can enable early warning system for speed cams all around the world with over 150 countries. Create your own unique speedometer style according to your needs with over 15 different graphic customisation possibilities.


Speed Cam Sense
• Early warning system for speed,red light,left and right turn cameras. Including over 150 countries.
• Works best for countries with high numbers of speed cam such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands,Denmark,Sweden,Norway, Europe, Canada ,Australia, Russia ,Asia and rest of the world.
• Animation warning

Speedometer Scale (Speedometer Numbers)
• Auto scale.
• Scales can be adjusted.
• 0 – 160 Scale
• 0 – 260 Scale

Speed Information
• Average Speed
• Maximum Speed
• Speed Precision for features will show you the speed changes (fraction value) with the slightest different specifically created for slow speed activities such as walking,cycling or sailing.

• Odometer can be reset

Compass Information
• Smart Compass Direction feature will adjust itself according to your screen, no matter how device is hold, your compass will always show you the right forward direction.
• Direction
• Degree

Altitude Information
• Altitude

• Select from 2 different themes.
• Petrol Theme
• Grass Head Theme

Speedometer Design
• Classic Style

Speedometer Hand Design
• Select from 2 different designs.
• Red
• Thick Red

Speedometer Center Wheel Design
• Select from 2 different designs.
• Large Dark
• Loop Circle

Text Color
• Select from 2 different text color find the best combination for your theme.
• Cyan
• White

Left And Right Indicator
• Indicator warning system show when your vehicle is turning left or right, with adjustable indicator sensitivity, turning degree can be adjusted.
• Sound warning
• Vibration warning
• Animation warning

Chronometer And Time
• Trip time
• Current time
• Chronometer can be reset.

Theme And Speedometer Design
• Create customised speedometer with over 15 different combinations.
• Change every part of the speedometer design,select your text colour.
• Tweak themes with your selected colours and create your own custom speedometer.

Speed Limit Warning
• Avoid with speed tickets with speed limit warning. Set speed limit easily by touch and rotating around speedometer scale.
• Sound warning
• Vibration warning
• Animation warning

Screen Rotation
• Adjust the screen according to your need.
• Portrait only selection.
• Landscape only selection.
• Auto Screen Orientation.

•This application has ads.

Enjoy Gps Speedometer Pro and have a safe ride.
Linxmap Dev Team
What’s New in this Version • New design and features.
• All graphic interface updated
• Speed Cam Sense feature added.
• Speed Cam Sense animation warning.
• Speed Limit Warning feature added.
• Time and Chronometer added.
• 2 new speedometer hand design selections.
• 2 new themes. Over 15 different combinations.
• 2 different text color selection.
• Map view for speed cams added.
• Screen orientation lock feature added.
• Left Right Compass indicator feature.
• All previous bugs are fixed.

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