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Trust Agreement Sample

Each separate trust that bears the name of a child by me is owned, managed and distributed by the agent, if any, in accordance with another provision of this instrument, for the following purposes and uses: 1. Discretionary distributions. For each trust held by me for a child under the age of thirty (30), the agent pays or claims the best interests of that child only through that child`s separate trust, which is the child`s share of the child`s net income and principal, even if it is a wholly principal. how the mandatary may, at his discretion, consider it appropriate or necessary for the health, maintenance, assistance and upbringing of that child, in any event taking into account all the circumstances and factors that the mandatary considers relevant. All net income not spent under this Agreement shall be accumulated and added to the capital, as specified from time to time by the Agent. 2. Mandatory distributions. If one of my children reaches the age of twenty-five (25), the attorney shall distribute to that child fifty percent (50%) of the remaining balance of that child`s separate trust, directly and without trust; And if one of my children reaches the age of thirty (30), the separate trust of that child and the mandatary ends at one hundred percent (100%) of the remaining balance of that child`s separate trust, directly and without trust; Provided, however, that each child has the right to defer all distributions and let them misunderstand in trust. 3. Limitation of Appointments. If one of my children dies before the age of 30, the separate trust held for that child under this section V shall lapse and the mandatary shall distribute the remaining balance in its composition at the time or for the benefit of one or more descendants of that child; in the shares and amounts that the child may receive according to a last will and will. In the event of an assignment of the balance of the separate trust of a deceased child in accordance with this Section V, the mandatary shall be protected on the basis of a document admitted to the succession in a jurisdiction as the last will and will of that child or by assuming that the child has died intestate if notification of the existence of a last will and will is not received by the mandatary within three (3) months of reception.

Realize the death of this child.. . .